Announcing New Tank Leasing Program

Announcing New Tank Leasing Program

STCI Announces Tank Leasking Program for Steel Tanks

As capital improvement budgets are squeezed, funding for new storage tanks to expand infrastructure or replace aging water tanks becomes a significant obstacle. Superior Tank Co., Inc. recently announced a new steel storage tank leasing program. Water districts, municipal utilities and private companies can now lease bolted steel storage tanks for terms ranging from 24 to 60 months at VERY attractive rates. The leasing program allows purchasers to conserve cash and spread payments out over several years. Revenue from operations is used to make lease payments instead of using scarce capital funds. At the end of the lease term the storage tank ownership is seamlessly passed to the buyer.

Commonly, rates and terms will vary depending on the funding source and tank purchaser.  One funding source will be considerably more competitive than others based on the particular project. Our tank leasing agency works with numerous funding sources and will customize a package most advantageous to the buyer. The higher volume of leases ensures our buyers are getting the best possible terms.

A wide range of bolted steel storage tanks from 10,000 to 3,500,000 gallons can be leased under the terms of the program. Many types of steel tanks can be funded via leasing including tanks used for storage of potable water, water for fire protection, rain water harvesting and wastewater. In addition to the cost of the bolted steel tank, the installation expenses can be included in the lease.