By installing our own bolted and welded steel tanks, we can often meet the tightest of schedules and ensure your tank will be installed properly. Our employee installation teams are based in California and Texas and we hold contractors licenses in a number of states. We carry full insurance coverage and bonding capacity.

We here at Superior Tank proudly stake our name and reputation on every storage tank and tank component we design and manufacture. Our highly reputable in-house engineering team consists of both Chairmen and Board Members of various AWWA & API RTF’s and committees; offering our customers a comprehensive scope of knowledge and experience in steel storage tank design. Superior Tank provides PE-licensed stamped calculations and drawings for all 50 states, and possess Contractor’s Licenses which allows for the installation of our steel storage tanks throughout the entire United States. Let Superior Tank to guide you through the process of designing the ideal storage solution for your project, taking into consideration any and all specific site, installation & application information, to ensure long-lasting performance, functionality and best value for your money.



Our field crew members have received numerous safety credentials and select employees have accomplished National Mine Health and Safety Academy (MSHA) certification. Employee military clearance such as SECNAV and RAPIDGate/DBIDS facilitates tank installation within government facilities.

Our focus and attention to safety is second to none, and to ensure full compliance with the latest safety rules and regulations, our crews undertake extensive safety trainings to gain an in-depth understanding on safety processes and procedures.



Our bolted steel tanks only require assembly onsite and we can provide installation throughout the United States. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free tank installation, experience and specific training is required. Correct tank layout, organized material staging and installing panels in the proper order are key elements to ensure a smooth bolted tank installation. As bolted tanks are manufactured to exacting tolerances, the installation process must match the level this level of accuracy. For customer peace of mind, we also offer various tests after the tank has been installed such as coating holiday testing, hydrotesting and vacuum testing.


Our welded tank team fabricates and installs welded steel storage tanks at the project location from carbon steel using proven processes. Our Project Superintendents specialize in welded tank construction and have the experience to ensure the tank is formed correctly and steel plates line up for smooth seams. Next, our certified tradesmen weld the large sheets of steel together, resulting in a strong, permanent bond. Once the tank has been erected, our welded tanks are readied for the liquid coating. For maximum coating longevity and proper adhesion, it is critical to follow specific steps. First the steel is properly prepared by grinding the weld seams smooth and the steel is then sandblasted per Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) standards. Directly after the surface is prepared, a liquid coating specifically formulated to customer requirements is sprayed onto the steel. The coating is then allowed to air dry and cure. Our team are experts in tank coatings and we know how to achieve the best application and we monitor environment temperature and humidity levels.