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Superior Tank Co., Inc. manufactures bolted steel tanks and welded steel tanks which are well suited to many uses within different industries. Bolted tank installation by Superior Tank Co., Inc. employees is available in California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas as well as most other states throughout the United States. Welded tank fabrication and installation is offered throughout Southwestern United States including Arizona, California and Nevada.

Our storage tanks meet or exceed AWWA D103 or AWWA D100 standards for potable water storage and the municipal water industry. In addition, our bolted tanks and welded tanks are great for wastewater storage and can include specialized coatings to withstand corrosive environments.  Bolted steel tanks for water storage feature interior epoxy powder coating for continuous emersion and outstanding corrosion resistance. For certain wastewater storage applications, open top bolted tanks and anaerobic digesters are also available.

To service the petrochemical and bioenergy industries around the world, Superior Tank Co., Inc. manufactures and installs bolted tanks for oil storage. For storage of corrosive liquids such as crude oil and biodiesel, Scotchkote factory powder coating is available on our bolted tanks. When oil or other petrochemicals are stored in a bolted steel tank, specially formulated Buna-N gaskets are used to prevent leaks.  In addition to bolted tanks, we can fabricate and install welded steel tanks for oil storage throughout California, Nevada and Arizona.

The agriculture industry also utilizes tanks for various applications including storage of irrigation water, harvested crops and fertilizer. Irrigation water storage tanks can be bolted steel tanks with either epoxy powder coating or Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) finish for outstanding durability. Bolted steel silos for crop storage are also available with either powder coating or hot dipped galvanized finish. Either liquid or dry fertilizer can be stored in welded steel or bolted steel tanks and special appurtenances can be included as needed.

Bolted tanks and welded tanks can both be used for fire protection water storage. To ensure our water storage tanks perform in case of an emergency, our welded and bolted tanks comply with standards set by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). Superior Tank Co., Inc. water storage tanks range in size from 4,000 to 3,500,000 gallons and are designed to fit a wide variety of applications for fire protection. The easy-to-assemble design of our bolted tanks works very well for water storage in inaccessible areas such as remote hills, dense forests, inside of warehouses and within existing infrastructure. As our bolted tanks can be erected without welding or other ‘hot’ work, the risk of fire is significantly decreased.

The versatility and durability of our bolted steel and welded steel tanks allows them to serve the diverse needs of the water, wastewater, oil, agriculture and fire protection industries. Ask us how we can help with your next project.