With our years of experience and success in the bolted storage tank industry, we have decided to expand into the dry bulk storage market with the installation of storage silos. Similar to our other storage tanks, all of our dry bulk silos are engineered to meet local building codes.

For the storage of heavy materials such as sand, cement, gravel, or coal, we can custom design each steel storage silo design to withstand any specific gravity desired. Our carbon steel silo construction is designed and install to survive even the harshest of conditions such as excessive heat and heavy snow loads.

Common Applications:

Our flexibility to manufacture various designs allows us to provide bolted and welded storage silos tanks for numerous applications:

Our flat bottom bins are perfect for storage of a variety of dry crops such as wheat, soybeans, corn and tree nuts. Our stave gasket system ensures your crops stay dry and water does not leak in, even during wind driven rain.

For storage of heavy materials such as sand, cement, gravel or coal our storage silos are constructed to withstand the extra weight. Our carbon steel silo construction is designed and install to survive even the harshest of conditions such as high snow loads, excessive heat and heavy snow loads. 

We offer different coatings and finishes to suit various applications. Bolted steel silos are available with factory powder coating and our interior powder coating is abrasion and impact resistant, making it an outstanding choice for dry bulk applications. Our exterior powder coating is available in a variety of colors for an attractive appearance. The interior and exterior liquid coating on our welded steel silos is specifically formulated to the customer requirements. The cone bottoms on our storage silos provide superior flow discharge.


NSF Certified

C0349754 & C0349755


To accommodate various dry materials, all of our silos are custom designed and fabricated. We can include a bottom skirt to elevate the tank off of the ground and even design for train-through and drive-through unloading applications. When requested, we can engineer self-supporting steel roofs, eliminating the need for a center pole. This roof design also features a steeper pitch, allowing for greater clearance between the material and the roof structure. Our various size shell and roof nozzles are available in multiple configurations, making the connection of vents and conveyance systems easier.