Superior Tank and Superior Tank Solutions have formed an alliance to provide a full range of services for bolted and welded storage tanks. Our teams specialize in steel tanks and can handle all aspects of oil and water storage tank repair and maintenance.

  • OSHA compliant exterior ladders with safety fall protection
  • Anti-climb equipment for exterior ladders
  • Spiral staircases and platforms
  • Partial or full perimeter roof railing with self-closing gates
  • Lockable roof hatches
  • Tie off points for fall arrest safety systems
  • Tank internal piping, weir boxes, inlet spreaders, baffles and related components
  • Additional roof and shell nozzles
  • Manways and cleanout doors
  • Single or dual skimmers and skimmer nozzles
  • Replacement of Bottom/Floor, Shell Staves, Deck/Roof & Parts
  • Replacement or upgraded bolted tank hardware & gasket
  • Tank Bottom Patching
  • Roof Rafter Repairs
  • Leak Repairs
  • Welded Tank repairs per API 653 Standards
  • Dismantling of Existing Tanks
  • Staging & Relocation of Equipment
  • Unloading
  • Hydrotesting
  • Vacuum Testing
  • Coating Touch-Ups
  • Corrosion Control
  • Retrofitting
  • Warranty Service
  • Factory Rehabs
  • Remove & Replacement
Superior Tank Solutions

Superior Tank Solutions is your best resource when Smart Analysis and service of your potable water storage system is needed. The team consists of experts in water storage and they can help with assessments, service, maintenance and repairs to your bolted steel tank, welded ground storage tank or elevated steel water tank. To keep your water storage tanks in service, Superior Tank Solutions can perform various services and repairs throughout California and Arizona.

  • Dive inspections
  • Dry tank inspections
  • NFPA 25 required inspections of tanks for fire protection
  • Coating testing & remaining life evaluations
  • Ultrasonic bottom testing for steel loss detection
  • Foundation conditional assessment
  • Safety review for OSHA compliance
  • Structural integrity appraisal
  • Sanitary inspection
  • Written report with recommended scope of work and repair estimate
  • Routine tank washouts including sediment removal
  • Mineral removal using chemical solution
  • Tank disinfection per AWWA guidelines
  • Exterior beatification projects
  • Area preparation for best adhesion
  • Touch-up with proper liquid coating for greatest protection
  • Testing and removal of lead-based coatings
  • Development of coating specification to fit budgetary and service requirements
  • Large area coating repair or overcoat
  • Existing coating removal and application of new coating system
  • 2 or 3 coat epoxy and 100% solids coating systems available
  • Emergency tank evaluations
  • Temporary patching/leak repairs if feasible
  • Interior/exterior cleaning to remove contaminants
  • Structural & foundation integrity assessment & repair
  • Fast-track tank replacement if needed
  • Repair or replacement of structural components
  • Tank shell patching
  • Addition or replacement of parts and accessories
  • Foundation and seismic upgrades
  • Replacement or upgraded bolted tank hardware
  • Custom designed to fit specific needs
  • Limited or comprehensive scope
  • New/replacement exterior ladders with OSHA compliant fall protection/fall arrest systems
  • Ladder with anti-climb equipment installation
  • Relocation of roof hatches per safety requirements
  • Addition of OSHA compliant tie off points for fall protection systems
  • Installation of OSHA compliant partial or full perimeter roof
  • railing including self-closing gates
  • 110V and solar powdered active mixing systems
  • Disinfection byproduct (DBP) reduction system
Number of Coats Applied
Average Dry Film Thickness
10 Mils
15 Mils
30 Mils
VOC’s Present
Risk of Taste & Odor
Risk of Solvent Entrapment
Coating Cure Time
Several days or weeks
Several days or weeks
24 - 72 hours
Estimated Coating Life
12 - 15 Years
15 - 18 Years
20 - 30 Years
Type of Product
Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyuria
Typical Percent of Solids