Superior Tank stakes its name and reputation on every storage tank and tank part we manufacture. Based on your specific site, installation & application information, our in-house engineering staff can help with various aspects of your new tank.

This includes services which are offered prior to placing the order of your new bolted or welded steel storage tank.  This would include Specification Assistance and Review, Tank Sizing Configuration and providing Sample Drawings & Details.

Specification Assistance & Review: Our team of engineers can help you understand any provided project specifications and site drawings. We can review for any issues, assist you with determining freeboard & usable capacity, or make sense of any certification requirements. Also available is our editable sample specifications, which you can easily fill out and reference according to the AWWA-D100 or D103 standard to ensure full compliance.

Tank Sizing Configuration: Let us assist you in finding the optimum height & width for your new storage tank. We want to make sure you purchase the most cost-effective configuration, while considering any space, height restrictions or foundation requirements.

Sample Drawings & Specifications: Need to provide sample drawings or specifications to gain approval for your project? Contact our Sales Department to obtain an electronic copy of our standard bolted tank drawings and specifications. We offer a simple, easy-to-read specification sheet that you can complete according to AWWA-D100 or D103, which references the section that is filled, in order to cover the bolted or welded steel tank portion of your bid.

Considering future expansion of your tank? Increasing tank capacity is simple and straightforward with our bolted steel tanks if properly planned. Let us assist you in determining the proper size, capacity, shell thickness and foundation needed to meet your ever-changing project requirements.

Reviewing the application use of your tank is imperative to understanding its effect on the coating selection, as well as needed design of systems, such as venting and plumbing. We want to ensure maximum performance and lifespan of the tank in relation to the specific application and industry in which it is operating in.

Looking for assistance with obtaining Building Department approval? Superior Tank offers review of local build codes and site specifications to ensure your drawings and calculations gain the approval needed to move forward with your project. We engineer all of our bolted and welded tanks to comply with established and widely accepted standards such as AWWA, NFPA, API, NSF and FM Approvals.

In designing and engineering each steel storage tank, it is essential to take into consideration the various environmental loads which will be present at the jobsite location. Our team of engineers can help you determine the Wind, Snow and Seismic loads your tank will be subject to and design your tank accordingly, to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

Our team of highly experienced Structural engineers have the knowledge to properly assess the jobsite for the potential impact on access and foundation. Any operational needs can also be assessed to make sure all operational and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Depending on the jobsite location, site-specific information, soils report and environmental load analysis, our Engineering team can provide foundation engineering services in order to guarantee that the tank foundation meets the specifications of your project. Assessing whether or not the tank will require anchorage assists in determining which type of foundation is appropriate, depending on the certification or site-specific requirements of your tank and project.


During the engineering phase of the tank design, we perform a number of calculations to ensure your tank meets structural requirements based on building code including seismic, wind and snow load conditions. We also design and engineer our tanks to comply with a variety of established industry standards and certifications such as AWWA, FM Approvals, NSF, NFPA and API. Additionally, we factor in the Seismic Use Group (SUG) of the tank to determine structural requirements. These factors will impact shell thickness, tank anchorage, number of bolt rows, accessories, roof rafter configuration, interior coating and many other elements of the tank. Once designed and engineered, our structural engineer will review and when necessary, stamp all tank designs and designs for repairs. As we ship and install our bolted tanks throughout the United States and we can provide stamped drawings for all 50 states.

Services essential facilities which must remain operational during extreme environment event
Fire protection of hospitals, police stations, power generation facilities emergency shelters
Services facilities which have significant impact on daily life
Water storage at jails, power generation stations, primary water treatment facilities, wastewater facilities and telecommunication facilities
Not covered in Groups II or III
Irrigation water storage, wastewater storage


Our tanks can be designed to specific applications and can include custom parts and accessories such as in tank heating systems, exterior insulation, aluminum dome roofs, specialized internal or external piping and tank cone bottoms. If future expansion will be needed, we can factor this into the tank design to ensure the tank has the proper foundation, anchorage and structure to support the increased capacity. Our team has the experience to guide the design of your tank, ensuring the highest performance, greatest longevity and best value.

Common components for specific applications:


Safety is a main focus for us and we design our tanks to comply with the latest, relevant safety requirements. When needed or requested, we include OSHA Compliant safety equipment such as ladders safety systems, roof railing with self-closing gates and roof tie off points.