Our Bolted Steel Storage tanks are precision crafted in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Specialized equipment designed for storage tank manufacturing provides exceptional quality and unmatched efficiency. We hope you enjoy our videos.


Building a sure footing for your new tank ensures the bolted tank will provide the maximum lifespan and operate properly. For maximum longevity of our Bolted Steel tanks, our skilled field teams will take the time to properly prepare the site and construct a solid foundation. Our steel tank foundation will meet all relevant local building codes and requirements related to the Seismic Use Group (SUG) classification for the bolted tank. Unlike other tanks available, STCI bolted steel tanks include a tank bottom which provides you the flexibility to utilize three different foundation designs depending on the Seismic Use Group (SUG) classification. A gravel foundation with perimeter grade band, a steel reinforced concrete ring wall with center gravel or a concrete slab foundation with steel reinforcement can be used with our tanks for the most cost-effective solution.


After the bolted tank foundation is in place, our field team will expertly install your new bolted steel tank in record time. Our crews specialize in bolted and welded tank installation and you can be assured your storage tank will work properly. All of our tank installation team members are professional tradesmen and we do not use unskilled temporary labor. We carry proper insurance and relevant licensing thereby providing you confidence in our tank installation. Our focus on safety and the amount of considerable safety training our field crews have received and has earned us an excellent safety rating.


A.R.T. is a 300lb robot featuring 6 axis of articulation allowing A.R.T. to accurately weld joints in even hard to reach areas. All aspects of the welding process including power, wire, speed and angle of approach are regulated by the computer for extreme consistency and 100% accurate welds. In addition to the accuracy and strength of the welds, the seams are also smoother allowing for better coating coverage and corrosion protection. As errors and weak areas are eliminated, fewer parts are rejected and material waste is minimized.


Our innovative CNC precision punch accurately and efficiently places bolt holes exactly where they need to be 100% of the time. This high level of precision prevents leaks due to gaps and reduces installation hassle as result of improperly placed holes.


Our Powder Coating Production Line allows us to apply the final coating to all components before they leave our factory. The powder coating provides outstanding corrosion protection and saves considerable time in the field. Parts prepared using sandblasted then coated with our SiZr seal for additional corrosion protection. The powder coating is electrostatically applied for 100% coverage then cured in ovens to permanently set the coating. Components are prepared and sandblasted then treated with our SiZr seal for additional corrosion protection.


In addition to our wide variety of standard powder coating colors, we also offer custom colors to meet customer desires. All of our powder coating is high gloss and specially formulated to the application.  Shown below is a tank with custom color Capri Blue Ral 5019.


Prefinished Bolted Steel Tanks are loaded as complete kits onto trucks or into ocean containers for delivery directly to the job site. All staves, hardware and fittings needed to assemble the steel tanks are included and labeled for fast erection in the field. Assembly time is 1/3 of the time required for a welded steel storage tank.