Oil Companies Gain Competitive Advantage with Oil Storage

Oil Companies Gain Competitive Advantage with Oil Storage

Steel Storage Tank for Oil storageWith the highly competitive nature of today’s oil industry, companies are searching for every advantage available. To gain a considerable lead, companies are using a proven storage solution with updated features.

The bolted steel tank for oil storage provides customers significant time and cost savings. Modern bolted steel storage tanks include innovative materials and processes to increase the durability of the steel tanks. New bolted steel oil tanks incorporate heavy duty Buna N gaskets which are specially designed for use with storage of oil and other hydrocarbon fluids. In addition, Superior Tank uses the same advanced powder coating which is used on steel oil pipelines thereby providing significant increases in the tank’s lifespan. Many years of success illustrate that modern bolted steel storage tanks work very well with oil storage without leaks or failure. Lifecycle cost analysis has shown bolted steel tanks meet or exceed the performance of welded steel tanks but at a much lower cost.

In addition, bolted steel tanks provide a significant time advantage as they can be erected in 1/3 of the time of welded steel oil storage tanks. The only work needed in the field is simply bolting the prefabricated panels together. Tank kits complete with Buna N gaskets and special hardware designed for the oil industry are shipped directly to the job site for fast and efficient assembly.

With the current focus on safety in the oil industry, many companies are also reaping the benefits of bolted steel tanks. Bolted steels tanks do not require welding on site, therefore the risk of a fire is dramatically reduced. As assembly is dramatically faster, fewer man hours are spent on scaffolding reach to upper levels thereby reducing fall potential. All bolted steel tanks are factory prefinished, consequently on site painting and the associated ventilation processes are eliminated.

When needed, bolted steel tanks also provide appreciable benefits when designed for storage of frac process water or frac sand storage.

As the oil industry continues to move forward, more companies are expected to gain a competitive advantage by using bolted steel storage tanks.