5 Key Benefits To Powder Coating

5 Key Benefits To Powder Coating

Straightforward Touch-Up & Repair.

When it comes to a field touch-up or repair, there’s no coating finish better suited for this type of work than powder coating. By utilizing a 2-part liquid epoxy, staves can be easily repaired in the field with no specialized tools or extra mobilizations required. Now, depending on the extent of the damage, a simple coating touch-up may be all that is required – which is good for your tank and your wallet. Should the damage to the stave be more extensive and concentrated in one area, another viable option includes patching the damaged area – which would require minimal downtime of the tank, but would be more economical than a full stave replacement.

In looking at other types of coatings, such as glass-fused-to-steel, concrete, plastic or redwood tanks, field touch ups and repairs may not be so straight forward. Each type of coating requires its own special process for addressing these issues, which includes specialized equipment & personnel and down time for your tank – costing both you and your project time and money you don’t need to waste.

100% Coating Uniformity.

For complete coating uniformity, no look further than a Superior Tank factory powder coated steel storage tank. As the first storage tank manufacturer to introduce powder coatings to the AWWA-D103 standard for bolted steel storage tanks, we are experts in the field of dry powder application to steel storage tanks. Through mastering the art of powder coating, we are able to ensure that each stave receives 100% uniform coverage across every square inch. This is down to our electrostatic process, where each stave is electrically grounded, that way the charged powder particle is able to adhere to the steel and remain there until melted and fused into a smooth coating inside the curing oven. This process allows for a uniform, durable finish with a design life of up to 30+ years with proper maintenance. For maintenance tips and services, click here.

It’s Environmentally-Friendly.

Powder coating contains no solvents, which means that it emits a very negligible, if any, amount of polluting VOC’s into the air. VOC’s, otherwise known as Volatile Organic Compounds, are human-made chemicals which can evaporate into the air and lead to poor air quality. The emission of VOCs is typically found with the use of liquid coatings, due to their high use of solvents. Additionally, the use of dry powder presents a huge environmental advantage, as up to 98% of the powder overspray can be recycled and reused. This minimizes a large majority of waste and for any small amount of waste left over, it can be disposed of easily and economically to comply with environmental compliance standards.

High Impact Resistance

Powder coatings possess a wide range of performance characteristics, impact resistance being one of the most prominent. Utilized on thousands of products across a variety of industries in your everyday life, thermosetting powder coatings have proven to be amongst the most durable and aesthetically pleasing coating finishes on the market. Applied on everything from automobiles and buildings to major appliances and common household items, it is easy to understand the efficiencies and positives in choosing powder coating as the preferred coating finish for a water or crude oil steel storage tanks.

Taking a deeper look at the impact resistance properties of our exterior TGIC Polyester powder coating, Superior Sand, we look to the Standard Test Method of Resistance of Organic Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation (Impact), better known as, ASTM D2794. According to our results achieved through ASTM D2794, our exterior TGIC polyester powder coating scored a PASS score of 160 lbs per every square inch – which is up to 5x MORE resistant than glass-fused-to-steel coatings! So, if durability and impact resistance is what you are looking for, then we’ve got what you need.

Outstanding Corrosion Protection

Unlike liquid epoxy or paints, which are mechanically bonded, our powder coating system is fusion bonded. By applying a fusion-bonded epoxy powder coating system to the interior of our steel storage tank, it allows for a greater level of thicknesses to be obtained through a single pass processing system. This creates a durable, high quality coating which exhibits outstanding corrosion resistance properties across a large variety of corrosive and non-corrosive liquids and applications. Not to mention, when coupled with our innovative SiZr Seal, you can expect an increased amount of coating adhesion and the highest level of corrosion protection. The below lab tests exemplify how the SiZr seal is able to quickly slow the spread of corrosion and minimize the undercutting done to the steel.