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Superior Tank, in conjunction with Whaling Fire Line Equipment, is pleased to announce the newest tool in the fight against wildfires.

The Heli-Hydrant is an innovative fire protection solution aimed at maximizing the water dropping capabilities of helicopters, to protect both wildlife and communities from wildfires. Strategically placed across fire-prone wildland areas, the Heli-Hydrant seamlessly integrates into already existing hydrants or municipal water systems and acts as a refillable and efficient water source for helicopters. Allowing for a quicker aerial response time, the Heli-Hydrant ensures multiple helicopters have rapid and efficient access to clean water across large areas to fight wildfires faster.

Sitting as either a hot dipped galvanized or factory powder coated open-top bolted steel tank, the Heli-Hydrant asserts itself as the newest innovation for water-dropping helicopters to dip and refill their water snorkels with ease, reliability and convenience. The Heli-Hydrant has to potential to save our land, our property, our communities and our neighbors from the destruction of wildfires. The billions of dollars spent each year on treating burned homes and cities can be spent on investing in our cities, not rebuilding them. Our mission for the Heli-Hydrant is create safer communities for all, so that one day, the headlining story for fire season will be that there is no story.


“When they see it, they’re going to hit their forehead with their hand and say, “Why hasn’t this been done before?”

– Marc Marcantonio
Vice President at Whaling Fire Line Equipment, Inc. &
Former General Manager at Yorba Linda Water District


Using a pilot-controlled radio device, the helicopter pilot has the ability to send a radio signal from the helicopter to activate the automated valve system, which can fill the tank at a rate of 1,700 gallons of water in 90 seconds. With the integration of a Force Multiplier System, the Heli-Hydrant is capable of supplying any number of helicopters with an unlimited supply of water at a refill rate designated by the calibrated hydraulics specific to each approved snorkel site. The tank remains on standby until the signal to fill is activated, similarly, the drain valve can also be activated, safely draining out any unused water. This makes certain that the Heli-Hydrant remains dry while not in use, making it safe for pest control, wildlife and civilians.


Temporary or Permanent Installation

Each Heli-Hydrant has the flexibility to be installed either on a temporary, permanent or seasonal basis. Leaving a small environmental footprint, whether directly fixed on grade or portable, each unit is durable enough to handle the conditions presented from multiple seasons across many years with minimal maintenance. Depending on the location, conditions of the surrounding area and color desired, either a factory power coated or hot dipped galvanized unit may be better suited for your requirements. Contact one of our Sales reps to determine which finish is most appropriate for your Heli-Hydrant.

Reduces Firefighting Operation Costs

As a result of quicker aerial response times, less water drops, faster turnaround times and less rotor time, expenses such helicopter fleet maintenance and gas refill are drastically reduced.

More Water Drops Per Hour

Strategically placed across wildland-urban interface areas, firefighting helicopters will be able to rapidly and efficiently access refillable snorkel sites much closer to the fire. Each Heli-Hydrant will dramatically reduce the helicopter turnaround travel time needed to refill and drop a new load of water on the burning fire. In a raging wildfire, every crucial minute and second counts.

Frees Up Ground Crews & Fire Engines

In today’s common practice, when a pilot cannot find a water source, ground crew support becomes necessary. This new and more efficient system of water-acquisition for firefighting helicopters allows pilots to access water independent of ground support crews, freeing up firefighters and allowing for more manpower for the crucial initial attack.

Stays Dry Until Needed – Safe for Wildlife & Civilians

During use, Heli-Hydrants provide snorkeling helicopters with a basin or dip tank to draw water from to aid in wildland fire suppression. When not in use, the Heli-Hydrant is safely drained and remains dry, resulting in a safe structure for pest control, wildlife and civilians.

Money Stays In Your City

Communities benefit by paying for infrastructure which stays in their city and provides protection to their residents and structures 24/7/365 days a year. As opposed to spending millions of dollars a year on treating burned homes and areas, investing in an economical fire solution dedicated to suppressing fires faster and protecting civilians and wildland is the ideal way to spend your city’s tax dollars.

Rapid Refill for Multiple Helicopters

Utilizing a Force Multiplier System, the Heli-Hydrant refill rate will continually maintain sufficient access to water for even the largest firefighting helicopter and has the ability to accommodate any number of helicopters in a row. Depending on the calibrated hydraulics designated at each specific snorkel site, the refill rate for each Heli-Hydrant may vary.

Easily Integrates into Existing Water Systems

Just like fire hydrants, the Heli-Hydrant will fit seamlessly into already existing municipal water systems. This allows water system engineers and wildland firefighting experts to strategically place units across large wildland-urban interface areas and provide helicopters with sufficient access to clean water provided by the city’s water department.


Water districts and municipalities can rest assured knowing that the Heli-Hydrant has been officially certified by one of the largest water organizations in the world.