New Design Choices in Steel Storage Tanks

New Design Choices in Steel Storage Tanks


Flat Panel


Superior Tank Co., Inc. is proud to announce the newest design addition to our line of bolted steel storage tanks. We now offer bolted steel tanks with the flat panel design as an alternative to our traditional steel storage tanks with the chime panel design.

The new flat panel steel tank design allows us to manufacture bolted tanks up to 3,500,000 gallons. Our traditional, chime panel API 12B design tanks are limited to 2,000,000 gallons. These new larger flat panel steel tanks feature extra thick carbon steel panels for additional strength and rigidity.  Unlike other flat panel designs on the market, our steel tank panels do not taper at the edge, therefore maintaining maximum strength. As our conventional bolted steel tanks with chimes, our new bolted storage tank design benefits from our advanced factory powder coating technology.  The steel staves are prepared to “Near White” then sprayed with liquid SiZr seal to prevent corrosion and undercutting if the coating is damaged by a dropped tool or thrown rock. The powder coating is electrostatically applied for 100% coverage and edges receive double coating for durability. Unlike other manufacturers, we apply powder coating to both interior and exterior sides of the panels resulting in unsurpassed durability. Our steel tank panels pass through special ovens and the heat permanently sets the powder coating. Other companies use very high temperatures to fuse the coating to the panels. This extreme temperature can cause steel tank panels to decrease in strength as much as 30%. For customers preferring galvanization, we also manufacture flat panel steel tanks and components with a hot dipped galvanized finish.

Our flat panel bolted steel tanks are equipped with single, double or triple rows of high tensile steel bolts for improved strength. We use single, double or triple row gaskets to provide a continuous seal and prevent leaks.  All of our bolted steel tanks use heavy duty EPDM, Viton or Buna-N gaskets for extraordinary longevity. The gaskets will not shift or ooze over time and remain flexible.

Similar to the chime panel design, our new flat panel bolted tank design is well suited to water and oil storage as well as dry bulk storage. All of our bolted steel tanks assemble in 1/3 of the time compared to other types of tanks and provide decades of service.

Now our customers have the ability to select their favorite design: chime panel API 12B configuration which has withstood the test of time, or new larger capacity Flat Panel Design. It’s your choice….