“Tank In A Box” is a good neighbor

“Tank In A Box” is a good neighbor



As most water districts and municipalities have experienced, every new construction project generates some opposition from people living in proximity to the project. In a recent project located in Westlake Village, CA, some residents have been openly very critical of the 5,000,000 gallon concrete water storage tank under construction. One local resident stated he counted 58 concrete trucks entering the construction site every 4 minutes and the construction has nearly caused two separate traffic accidents.


Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon with concrete tank and welded steel tank construction. These storage tank projects can generate significant negative impact from traffic due to high volumes of deliveries and the large number of workers needed. In addition, considerable noise is created by generators used for welding, concrete pumper trucks and air compressors used for sandblasting and paint application.


However, there is a solution which minimizes site impact. Bolted steel storage tanks from Superior Tank are manufactured in a State of the Art factory and then shipped to the job site via semi truck or ocean container hence the term “Tank in a Box”. Bolted steel tanks require only very minimal labor to bolt the tank together and fewer workers are required reducing site traffic. Steel tank panels are manufactured to the exact size needed and no fabrication is performed on site. The durable powder coating with unique SiZr seal is applied at the factory thereby eliminating sandblasting and painting on site.


In addition to improving relations with the surrounding community, a bolted steel tank can save a water district or utility considerable time and money. While is it not possible to eliminate all site impact when constructing a new water storage tank, a bolted steel “Tank in a Box” can be a good neighbor.