No “Tail-Light Warranty” here!

No “Tail-Light Warranty” here!

bolted tank warranty

Some bolted steel tank companies’ warranty lasts only as long as you can see the taillights on their trucks as they leave the job site.  We take great pride in the quality of our bolted tanks and the skill of our tank installation teams. Superior Tank Co., Inc. backs all of its bolted tanks with one of the best warranties in the ground storage tank industry.

Over the last 30 years, Superior Tank has earned an outstanding reputation for customer service and our warranty coverage.  We are known for doing business the right way and taking care of our customers. We send out our people to resolve any issues with your steel tank. Our warranty does not require you to uninstall the part, ship the part back then wait for us to decide what to do next. Nor will we ever prorate the value of the part and send you a check and expect that will resolve the problem.

We understand the high cost of having your storage tank out of service or the extensive amount of damage a defective oil or water storage tank can cause. We design, manufacture and install all of our ground storage tanks NOT to have problems in the first place! Our API SPEC Q1/ISO 9001:2008 certification is evident of our commitment to quality.

Some steel tank companies offer warranties up to 20 years which sounds exceptional; until you read the fine print.  Warranties which include only a single element of the bolted tank and do not cover the cost to have the part removed, shipping costs or the labor to re-install are really not much of a warranty. The cost of a new seal is minuscule compared to the downtime or labor required to replace the seal.  In addition, it is tough to trust a company which is only a few years old or a new startup to be around long enough to honor the warranty when it is needed most.

We manufacture all of our bolted steel tanks in our factory and access to steel tank parts is never an issue.  With fully stocked operations centers located in California and Texas, we are able toBolted Tank Manufacturing provide replacement parts very quickly.  Any custom steel tank parts or accessories can be fabricated in our production facility without having to rely on outside sources.

In addition, we employ our own tank installation teams and do not use subcontractors or unskilled temporary labors.  Some of our field team members have been installing our tanks for over 30 years and all members have been trained on the latest installation techniques and safety procedures. This ensures your tank is installed properly the first time and we take responsibility for the entire project including parts and labor. With Superior Tank, there is no finger pointing between the tank manufacturer and dealer/installer. Our teams frequently travel throughout California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Hawaii so help is never far away.

We stand behind the quality of our bolted steel tanks and if your Superior bolted steel tank ever does need service we are readily available to help. Our warranty coverage and our commitment to customer service extends well beyond the “tail light warranties” offered by others.

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