API Composite: Where Consistency in Quality Matters

API Composite: Where Consistency in Quality Matters

The American Petroleum Institute (API) represents the largest trade organization of the oil and natural gas industries in the United States. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., API represents over 650 corporations which are directly involved in producing, processing and distributing much of the nation’s energy.

 In supporting many organizations and jobs throughout the petroleum industry, safety has proven itself to be one of the primary focuses of API. Through the maintaining of more than 700 safety standards and recommended best practices across a wide range of equipment and operational processes, the American Petroleum Institute has had a sizeable impact on both state and federal regulations. In doing so, API developed the ability to design its own safety and certification programs, which verifies the compliance of organizations across industry standards and management systems.

Depending on the type of certification an organization is looking to obtain, API offers various programs which focus on the different facets of the oil and natural gas industry – from manufacturing to health and safety management. For us here at Superior Tank, obtaining the prestigious API Monogram for our API-12B bolted steel storage tanks was an incredible accomplishment, as only two storage tank manufacturers in the world have been accredited with this certification.

Complementing our API Monogram license, our corporate manufacturing facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California was certified with the API Spec Q1 license. This ensures that all products manufactured by Superior Tank at our corporate facility are in full compliance of product quality and management systems outlined by ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board) for ISO 9001 requirements. These certifications and licenses are a true testament to the commitment to quality and dedication shown by all of our employees to provide our customers with the most advanced and cost-effective bolted steel storage tank.

Through the successful procurement of the following standards (as found on the API Composite List), Superior Tank’s ability to consistently provide high-quality and reliable API certified products to our customers through quality management systems remains unmatched against a majority of the industry.

With decades of experience in the crude oil and petroleum industry, Superior Tank is and continues to be the preferred storage tank provider for many small- and large-scale oil providers. Quality, durability and functionality of our storage tanks are never compromised, and our ability to maintain these rigorous certifications proves just that.

To learn more about Superior Tank, our license numbers and relevant API Facility information, please visit our Company Details page on the API Composite List by following these 4 simple steps: