As a multinational organization, we place a heavy importance on the trust and relationships built with each of our national and international customers. Unlike many storage tank manufacturers in the industry, Superior Tank does more than just sell you a tank or place you in the hands of a dealer; we stay with you throughout the entire duration of the project. Each customer is offered a variety of resources and services which provides assistance through the installation process, ensuring a safe and timely erection of your new storage tank. Focusing on our international clients, we offer export & shipping services, purchasing of containers and tool kits, as well as the hiring of an installation supervisor.

Furnishing a non-working Supervisor to oversee the installation of your new bolted steel storage tank has countless benefits. You receive both a knowledgeable and seasoned foreman to lead your installation team, as well as the support of the Superior Tank team. There are many instances where the customer has the labor to install the tank(s), but is lacking the knowledge and/or experience of a seasoned foreman to oversee the assembly – this is where we come in. In providing each of our international customers the option to hire an experienced Supervisor, we begin to build a partnership based on trust and mutual respect, allowing your labor crew to feel confident in their ability to complete the tank project successfully.

One of the most prevalent benefits to our international customers in owning a Superior Tank factory powder coated bolted steel tank, is the ease of installation. Once our bolted tank leaves the manufacturing facility, all that is required on the job site is to bolt the prefabricated and precoated tank parts together. No welding. No onsite rework. No grinding. No specialized equipment. No sandblasting. No painting. With the assistance of an unskilled labor force and the recommended tools and hardware list, which is also available for purchase, we make the installation process as simple as possible for wherever you are in the world.

With decades of experience working alongside our international customers, we possess the necessary tools and experience to make the shipping and installation process as easy as possible. Some of our latest achievements include providing supervisory services for bolted tank projects in Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Japan, Qatar and Chile. Our presence in these countries only serves to showcase how far our capabilities expand and the global impact the Superior Tank brand has on the potable water, fire protection, wastewater and crude oil industries. Whether it be providing potable water for a small village or servicing a 38MW Hydrocarbon Power Plant, there truly is no limit to where our Factory Powder Coated or Hot Dipped Galvanized bolted steel tanks can be of service. The quality and operating life of a storage tank is only as good as the Company who stands behind their product.