Satisfied Customer

“Very good and timely response.”

Steve M.

Customer For Over 30 Years

“We have done business with Superior Tank for over 30 years and plan on doing more business.”

Johnny G.

I only deal with Superior

“I DO NOT deal with any other bolted tank company, period. I deal only with Superior because of Huel, and he makes sure I get the best product that Superior has to offer and Huel stands behind what he puts his name on.”

John G.

Superior Customer Service

“Superior Tank took care of us in our time of need and had the best price around. Mr. Huel took very good care of us from start to finish as did the crew putting the tank up. Superior Tank was also recommended to us by a neighboring water company who was very pleased with their work as well.  Thank you Superior Tank .”

Quinn A.

Delivery & Installation

“I have purchased tanks from other companies, but none are delivered and installed with less problems than Superior Tank.”

Donald S.

A Historic Moment

“Today  water began flowing to our customers. A bit of clean-up, replace the Brown’s gate, and we will be finished. One bit of history I remember tells me that this is the first project of this magnitude since the Empire State Building to finish ahead of schedule and (slightly) below budget. Thank you for your support.”

Peter S.

Pleased With Quality & Service

“We were happy with the quality of the product as well as the follow up service. The crew was efficient and did a great job.”

William A.

Fantastic Bolted Steel Tank!

“Absolutely fantastic tank!  Your crew was a very impressive team; the tank went up much quicker than we had expected.”

Ed C.

Have Always Used Superior

Have always used Superior and don’t know any water supply company that doesn’t use Superior.

Mark C.

Superior was one of my better decisions

I can tell you that I was extremely happy with the professionalism of the entire process from design to install. Superior was one of my better decisions while running Saltwater Disposal of North Dakota

David K.

The quality of the build was excellent

“The tank you built for us in 2002, has absolutely no wear on the Powder Coating or any other feature of the tank. The quality of the build was excellent, we automatically go to Superior for our tank needs as it is a known quantity.”

Robert S.

Excellent Product & Service

“Excellent product and very good support service.”

Elson G.

Excellent Work

“Just wanted to let you know that your work crew was excellent. Thanks for your professionalism.”

Jack C.


“Please let your crew know that I appreciate their work and efforts to get this tank done. GOOD JOB!!”

Michael B.



Factory Powder Coated

Powder Coated Bolted Steel Tank

Precision Engineered Powder Coated Bolted Steel Tanks


Superior Tank was the first to apply Thermoset Fusion Bonded Powder Coatings to Bolted Steel Storage Tanks. Every square inch is prepared for coating using sandblasting per the most stringent standard of Near White SSPC SP10/NACE No.2. Factory Powder-Coatings are electrostatically applied and then cured at high temperatures for greater film thickness, resulting in added chemical resistance to corrosion, chipping and scratching. Epoxy Powder Coating are NSF & FDA approved. Every Superior Bolted Steel Storage Tank is fabricated and factory powder coated with meticulous attention to detail. You deal directly with the manufacturer of your tank without having to rely on any outside source.

To provide additional corrosion protection with powder coated finishes, Superior Tank Co., Inc. offers a Silica & Zirconium (SiZr) liquid seal. The seal is sprayed onto the prepared steel underneath the powder coating. Lab tests have shown the SiZr seal slows the rate of corrosion and prevents the spread of corrosion when the coating surface is damaged by a dropped tool or thrown rock. By keeping the corrosion localized, the seal minimizes corrosion spreading and undercutting. In addition, the SiZr seal increases the coating adhesion and bonding to the steel thereby increasing the durability. The SiZr seal can make the difference between a minor cosmetic touch up and a major coating repair.

We provide our clients with Quality, Durability and Functionality of our products, services and a full commitment to every project. With safe and ethical business practices, we back every Superior Tank sale with proven reliability, warranty, workmanship and superior quality.

Our specially designed powder coated finish is distinct in numerous ways:

• Electrostatic application at factory in controlled conditions for 100% adherence & uniformity • Heat cured immediately for outstanding bonding • High impact and abrasion resistant • Easy to repair in the field, if needed • Environmentally safe (no site application permits required) • Flexible with no cracking or sparring associated with other coatings • Double edge coating (interior and exterior coating) for superior corrosion protection • Thicker (5 mil) application for greater durability • NAP-Guard system for protection against acids, hydrocarbons and inorganic compounds


Standard Bolted Tank Powder Coatings

Interior – Epoxy:
Interior Power Coating Colors

Exterior – TGIC Polyester:
Exterior Powder Coating Colors
3M Scotchkote™ 134 Premium Powder Coating also available! – Interior only
• Best for storage of corrosive liquids. – ie. (H2S) • Best chemical resistance (tested with over 1000 chemicals).
• Tested to extreme conditions in aqueous, HC and gas phases without blisters or coating loss: 300 degrees @ 3000psi.
3m Scotchkote 134W

Powder Coating Time-Lapse