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Elevate Durability:

Our Cast Iron Flanges Secure Your Steel Tanks with Unyielding Strength and Precision!

Experience unmatched tank security with our Cast Iron Flange, designed to enhance the stability and reliability of your bolted steel tanks. Featuring a user-friendly 1/2″ threaded connection, this flange ensures effortless integration, allowing you to securely attach it to your tank with ease. Available in sizes ranging from 2″ to 8″ in diameter, our flange offers versatile options to fit various tank dimensions, making it the perfect choice for different industrial applications. What sets our flange apart is its robust construction – bolts penetrate through the shell of the bolted steel tank, providing exceptional strength and reinforcing the structural integrity of your tank. Trust in our Cast Iron Flange to deliver unparalleled durability, ensuring long-lasting performance in even the most demanding environments.

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