Over 33 YEARS of Building Bolted Steel Tanks!

Over 33 YEARS of Building Bolted Steel Tanks!

33 Years of Bolted Tanks

Superior Tank Co., Inc. (STCI) has been engineering, manufacturing and installing bolted steel tanks since 1984. Over the last 33 years, STCI has manufactured thousands of bolted tanks which have been successfully installed throughout the world.

Our history has shown STCI has the strength and structure to last. STCI is one of the few bolted tank manufacturers in the United States and the only company which is family owned and operated providing our customers with the confidence that they are purchasing from a company with the highest values and standards. As we operate our own State-of-the-Art bolted tank manufacturing plant and welded steel tank fabrication facility, we have complete control of our quality and tank production schedule. Our bolted steel tank production facilities also include a powder coating line allowing us to offer various powder coating formulas including epoxy and TGIC polyester as well as specialized Scotchkote for extremely corrosive liquids.

STCI was the first to use powder coating on bolted steel storage tanks and we are the only manufacturer to use our innovative SiZr seal which minimizes corrosion when the coating has been damaged by severe impact. To provide faster and superior customer service, we operate various locations including three in the United States and one in Mexico. In addition, many of our sales and technical staff are bi-lingual to prevent language barriers. Our bolted steel tanks meet or exceed the recognized standards set by American Water Works Association (AWWA) D103, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 22, FM Approvals and the American Petroleum Industry (API). STCI is one of the select manufacturers to offer bolted tanks for oil storage with the prestigious API 12B Monogram. In addition, our welded steel tanks meet or exceed the standards established by AWWA D100, NFPA 22 and API 650. To ensure our bolted steel storage tanks comply with industry standards and quality expectations, STCI has implemented various quality management systems and undergoes API SPEC Q1 / ISO 9001:2008 recertification on an annual basis.

Superior Tank Co., Inc. was founded on the principle of providing outstanding customer service and our Customer Testimonials are proof of this focus. We are proud to offer exceptional product support and we stand behind our bolted steel tanks with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry without the extensive exclusions common to competitors’ warranties.

All of these factors combine together to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our bolted steel tanks and the company overall. This dedication has earned STCI an outstanding customer satisfaction rating of over 94%!

We are well positioned for today as well as for the future with numerous competitive advantages. Our customers do not have to worry about STCI being around 12 months from now and can be confident we will support our storage tanks for years to come.

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