Bolted Steel Tanks Immune to Shortage of Welders

Bolted Steel Tanks Immune to Shortage of Welders

Bolted Steel TankSince 1988, the United States has experienced a significant decline in the number of welders. According to the American Welding Society there is a potential shortage of 200,000 skilled welders resulting in project delays and increased costs.

To counteract this shortage and thereby save customers time and money, Superior Tank Co., Inc. (STCI) offers a full range of large capacity bolted steel storage tanks. Unlike other storage tank designs which are welded and require a significant amount of welding, bolted steel tanks eliminate the need for costly onsite welding. The limited amount of steel welding required for STCI tank fittings is performed by a robotic welding arm ensuring 100% accuracy.  Steel panels are crafted using precision machinery inside the STCI modern production facility then shipped to the job site. The advanced bolt together design of STCI steel tanks allow for quick and simple assembly on site.

By performing steel fabrication in the factory, the amount of noise and air pollution on site is dramatically reduced. The steel tank panels are delivered to the site via one or two trucks lessening local traffic and negative impact.  In addition to saving welding costs, STCI bolted steel storage tanks reduce onsite painting costs as the steel panels are prefinished with durable powder coating.

With the high cost and shortage of welders forecast to continue for the foreseeable future, bolted steel storage tanks are certain to continue to increase in popularity.