What is ISO 9001 For Bolted Steel Tanks?

API, API QMS Registered, API Q1 Registered ISO 9001

Recently Superior Tank Co., Inc. earned the prestigious American Petroleum Institute (API) Q1-ISO 9001:2008 certification for bolted steel oil storage tanks. This certification for manufacturing of oil tanks is a culmination of years of hard work that ensures our oil industry customers will receive the highest quality steel storage tank delivered on time.

API’s audit team reviewed numerous aspects of our tank manufacturing process from sales ordering through bolted steel tank production and tank installation; they determined Superior Tank employs processes and procedures that will guarantee a high quality product. Compliance to strict American Petroleum Institute (API) Q1 and ISO 9001:2008 standards provides customers confidence in our range of bolted steel storage tanks for oil storage.

Superior Tank Co., Inc.’s oil storage tanks are engineered to customers’ needs and range from 100 to 47,000 BBLs. The panelized design of our bolted steel tanks reduces construction time to 1/3 of conventional welded steel oil tanks, saving customers time and money. As the panels quickly bolt together using high strength bolts, no welding is required. The smaller panel size is perfect for tight spaces within an infrastructure, and large staging areas are not needed. The heavy duty API compliant gasket seals panels together and provides decades of leak free service. Custom made tank fittings and piping are installed for each application to ensure a perfect fit.

Premium power coating specifically tailored for corrosive environments is used on all oil storage tanks. As the powder coating is electrostatically applied at the factory, the “coverage is perfect 100% of the time” states Eric Marquez, Plant Manager. For additional durability, the edges of each tank panel are double coated.

Complete tank kits are shipped directly to the job site via truck or standard shipping container. Our tank field teams based in California and Texas provide full installation services throughout North America.

In addition to API Q1-ISO 9001:2008 certification, Superior Tank recently earned
FM Approvals Certification on our water storage tanks for fire protection.

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