Have Always Used Superior

Have always used Superior and don’t know any water supply company that doesn’t use Superior.

Mark C.

I only deal with Superior

“I DO NOT deal with any other bolted tank company, period. I deal only with Superior because of Huel, and he makes sure I get the best product that Superior has to offer and Huel stands behind what he puts his name on.”

John G.

Satisfied Customer

“Very good and timely response.”

Steve M.

Delivery & Installation

“I have purchased tanks from other companies, but none are delivered and installed with less problems than Superior Tank.”

Donald S.

Excellent Product & Service

“Excellent product and very good support service.”

Elson G.

Fantastic Bolted Steel Tank!

“Absolutely fantastic tank!  Your crew was a very impressive team; the tank went up much quicker than we had expected.”

Ed C.

Pleased With Quality & Service

“We were happy with the quality of the product as well as the follow up service. The crew was efficient and did a great job.”

William A.

The quality of the build was excellent

“The tank you built for us in 2002, has absolutely no wear on the Powder Coating or any other feature of the tank. The quality of the build was excellent, we automatically go to Superior for our tank needs as it is a known quantity.”

Robert S.


“Please let your crew know that I appreciate their work and efforts to get this tank done. GOOD JOB!!”

Michael B.

Customer For Over 30 Years

“We have done business with Superior Tank for over 30 years and plan on doing more business.”

Johnny G.

Superior Customer Service

“Superior Tank took care of us in our time of need and had the best price around. Mr. Huel took very good care of us from start to finish as did the crew putting the tank up. Superior Tank was also recommended to us by a neighboring water company who was very pleased with their work as well.  Thank you Superior Tank .”

Quinn A.

Excellent Work

“Just wanted to let you know that your work crew was excellent. Thanks for your professionalism.”

Jack C.

Superior was one of my better decisions

I can tell you that I was extremely happy with the professionalism of the entire process from design to install. Superior was one of my better decisions while running Saltwater Disposal of North Dakota

David K.

A Historic Moment

“Today  water began flowing to our customers. A bit of clean-up, replace the Brown’s gate, and we will be finished. One bit of history I remember tells me that this is the first project of this magnitude since the Empire State Building to finish ahead of schedule and (slightly) below budget. Thank you for your support.”

Peter S.



  • Superior Tank Receives Initial FM Certification

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013
    TankBlogSuperior Tank Co., Inc. (STCI), the most trusted name in bolted factory powder coated steel storage tanks, announced today it has received its initial FM certification. After a final audit to certify the manufacturing facilities as FM compliant, STCI passed with the highest score possible. The initial certification covers the calculation and drawing size 47′-6 3/8″ x 24′-1 1/2″ high. STCI’s Rancho Cucamonga facilities are qualified at the High QCFM rate which will allow for a lower certification cost for future diameters, as well as different matrix system to mass certify for STCI’s Bolted Steel Storage Tanks. “This is the result of 3 years of hard work, discipline, patience and commitment to a new system based on quality standards and technology driven processing,” said Jhon Godoy, CIO. “Our efforts were highly celebrated by the FM Auditor.” Superior Tank Co., Inc. has been manufacturing and installing a complete line of bolted and welded steel storage tanks for the potable water, wastewater, fire protection, rain harvesting and crude oil industries since 1984. Superior Tank was the first to apply Thermoset Fusion Bonded Powder Coatings to bolted steel storage tanks. STCI’s Storage Tanks conform to standards set by American Water Works Association (AWWA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Superior Tank Co., Inc. also follows the standards and specifications set by the American Petroleum Institute (API). STCI can manufacture bolted steel storage tanks in capacities of 4,000 gal to 2.2 million gal. and can be shipped and erected bolted to anywhere in the world. Superior Tank Co., Inc. offers the following services: engineering, design, manufacturing, maintenance, service agreements, fabrication, installation, dismantling, tank rehabilitation and seismic retrofits. In addition, STCI also performs site work preparation and foundation design, i.e. grading, excavating, structural concrete.

    About Superior Tank Co., Inc.

    Superior Tank Company, Inc. is a family-owned business started by Jess E. Marquez in 1984. Mr. Marquez has 60 years worth of experience in managing oilfield and water tank construction and installation. All together the family has over a 100 years of experience in the bolted and welded steel storage tank business. Next year will mark STCI’s 30th year of business and the opening of its second manufacturing facility in Texas.

  • Glass Coated Tanks – Worth the Money?

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012
    Glass TanksOf all the questions we are asked while attending trade shows all over the world, the following questions are the two most common: first; “What are the advantages of factory powder coated tanks over glass-coated tanks?” and  “are they really cheaper than glass-coated tanks?”. One of the most important points to consider when deciding between a glass-coated tank and a powder coated tank is the tank’s life cycle cost. Two of the most common misconceptions are that glass-coated tanks are cheaper because they never need to be recoated and that a glass-coated tank will last forever. Well…… false in the first count, therefore, false in the second count; glass-coated tanks are very rigid and have little flexibility. They are more often than not subject to coating failure at the bolt heads and edges, making them vulnerable to corrosion attacks. There have been many incidents of spalling, where glass has flaked into stored liquids within the first 5 -10 years of the tank’s life. That’s pretty disturbing, especially if you are the end user, relying on the quality of the water stored inside the tanks. One more item to consider in your “worthiness checklist” is that glass-coated tanks are not entirely coated; parts of the structure (wind girders, nozzles, rafters, etc.) are made of galvanized steel, the tank’s top is aluminum and the bottom is concrete. This means that cathodic protection will be required and the maintenance of such a system is a continuous and expensive burden, to say the least. Wear and tear is an inevitable issue for all tanks. Considering that a glass coated tank cannot be recoated in the field, the downtime for maintenance is a huge cost issue; selecting the right coating for your needs should be a top priority. At the end of its life cycle, a glass-coated tank must be totally dismantled and sometimes fully replaced. This means field repair is not an option and the extended service life is nonexistent. Now, all of a sudden the total life cycle cost of a glass-coated tank becomes astronomical. It doesn’t seem to be worth the money after all, does it? We pioneered the use of powder coating in the industry 24 year ago for two indisputable reasons: quality and durability. These reasons have been the driving force for excellence behind our products, making powder coated tanks reliable and trouble free. Ask around, you won’t regret it. If you stop and think about what makes the purchase of a bolted steel storage tank successful, you will realize that choosing the right coating is fundamental in achieving the savings and trouble-free storage you desire. Factory powder coated tanks seem to be not only the wisest choice, but the only choice.