Five Critical Parts For Your Steel Storage Tank

Bolted Tank Parts and Accessories

Every year, we sell hundreds of parts for bolted tanks and welded steel tanks. Even though many ground storage tanks needing parts were not originally manufactured by Superior Tank Co., Inc., we can provide standard replacement components for steel storage tanks or can fabricate custom parts and accessories to fit.


Over the last 32+ years, we have discovered there are five storage tank elements which are key to ensuring your water and oil storage tanks achieve their maximum lifespan:

1 Ground storage tank bottoms
2 Roof rafters
3 Ladders and safety railings
4 Hardware, gaskets and appurtenances
5 Powder coating touch up kits


While these seem to be the fundamental oil and water storage tank components, we have found many ground tanks in the field require one of more of these items.


For example, it is not unusual for welded steel tanks to experience bottom corrosion and subsequent steel loss as the underside cannot be coated. In addition, select hot dipped galvanized bolted tanks which are over 30 years old can experience bottom corrosion and require new components. Our fabrication department will custom manufacture replacement steel tank bottom sections to any size or dimensions to fit either bolted tanks or welded steel tanks.


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