The API Spec Q1 Monogram – The Mark of Quality

Bolted Storage Tank for Oil API

Superior Tank Company., Inc (STCI) is one of the only manufacturers of bolted steel oil storage tanks which can feature the prestigious API SPEC 12B monogram. In order for the bolted steel tank to include the API 12B monogram, the tank must strictly adhere to the API SPEC 12B standards. In addition, the tank manufacturer must be certified to meet the stringent API SPEC Q1/ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Our bolted steel tanks for oil storage are engineered to meet the strict API SPEC 12B design standard and include numerous elements to increase tank durability and longevity. To seal our tanks, STCI utilizes Buna-N or Viton gaskets in place of mastic putty which cannot be used for oil storage. The Buna-N and Viton gaskets are extremely durable and resistant to crude oil and other petrochemicals. In addition, the gaskets have a high tensile strength to prevent tearing and they remain flexible over time, thus eliminating leaks. For increased durability, we apply factory powder coating specifically formulated for oil storage. For continuous immersion service, epoxy factory powder coating or premium Scotchkote powder coating is applied to tank interiors. TGIC polyester powder coating is used on the exterior of our bolted steel tanks for greater UV resistance. API approved appurtenances such as specialized roof vents, gas outlets, liquid outlets and manways are used on all steel tanks for oil storage. Superior Tank Co., Inc. can also fabricate custom internal and external piping to meet customer requirements.

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Take Advantage of Outstanding Tank Leasing Rates

STCI Announces Tank Leasing Program for Steel Tanks Recently, the rates on tank leases have changed slightly which may benefit customers interested in purchasing a new tank. Through the tank leasing program, customers can purchase new tanks and then spread out payments over several years. Our tank leasing program applies to both our welded steel tanks as well as our bolted steel tanks. Using the leasing program allows our customers to conserve capital funds and use revenue from operations to make lease payments. Customers still retain ownership of the tanks, similar to a straight purchase. A variety of public entities as well as non-government agencies can utilize the tank leasing program including water districts, municipal utilities and private companies. The terms of our tank leasing program range in length from 24 to 60 months and our rates are very competitive. We offer the most economical terms as our tank leasing agent works with a variety of funding sources and we will customize a package most advantageous to you. For comparison, a steel tank with installation costing $100,000 could be as low as $1869 per month with a term of 60 months. Our leasing specialist will be able to provide details and price estimates based on current rates and the specifics of your project. Our customers can lease a wide range of bolted steel storage tanks from 4,000 to 3,500,000 gallons and welded steel tanks up to 2,500,000 gallons. In addition to the price of the steel tank, the installation and other site work costs can be incorporated in the lease. Superior Tank Co., Inc. is a licensed General Contractor in several states and we can perform a wide scope of work under a single contract. Tanks under the leasing program can be used for storage of a variety of liquids including potable water, water for fire protection, rain water harvesting and wastewater. The Federal Reserve is predicting two more rate increases in 2016 so lock in your lease rates NOW!